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Real Review Khun Ja MasterChef Thailand Season 2

✨ Hello everyone! In the middle of 2023, Khun ‘Kim Sun Ha‘ gave plastic surgery advice to MasterChef Thailand Season 2 as well. Khun Ja came to consult about plastic surgery to build up her self-confidence. So we decided to fly to Korea with STM to enhance our handsomeness. Then fly across the sky to increase your handsomeness together with Khun Ja. The hospital that Khun Kim recommended to Khun Ja is INIQUE Hospital, which has doctors with expertise and a lot of experience. Once at the hospital, we began consulting with a Korean specialist first. Then you will consult with the doctor again about where you should have surgery. Surgery methods, questions and answers. As for the list of Khun Ja’s surgeries, they are as follows:➡️ Nose revision surgery using your own ribs.➡️ Adjust eyelids + adjust eye muscles. Then it goes into the CT scan machine to know …

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บีมLittleBeam Channel ศัลยกรรม

Real Review Beam, YouTuber from “LittleBeam Channel”

Hello everyone, today STM is here to update you on beauty againToday we will take you to watch the Real Review of Khun Beam, a beautiful young YouTuber from the channel “LittleBeam Channel”. ✨ Are you ready? Let’s follow and see! Before flying across the sky to update on beauty in Korea. Khun Beam also came to consult with ‘Kim Sun Ha‘, a Korean expert at the STMstyle office, in order to get a basic idea of… At what points should additional surgery be done? Are there any specialist doctors and which hospitals are suitable for Khun Beam? ^^ For the case of Mr. Beam Khun Kim recommended it as AB Plastic Surgery Hospital, which is a hospital that suits the nose and eye style that Khun Beam likes. After receiving a consultation with Khun Kim, we were prepared to fly to Korea for a beautification treatment. When you arrive …

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ก่อน อดีตสมาชิก BNK48 ศัลยกรรม

Real Review of “Korn, former member of BNK48”

✨ Hello everyone, around the middle of 2023, Nong “Korn, former member of BNK48” Came in for consultation with Kim Seon Haa Korean expert. To receive advice about surgery Strengthen your confidence even more. Of course, STM will definitely recommend a specialist doctor with a lot of experience and a suitable hospital. So all customers don’t have to worry and can trust STM 😍 In your case, STM has recommended INIQUE Hospital💚It is a famous hospital in Korea and has skilled doctors. and have a lot of experienceToday, STM will bring everyone to update on the beauty of “First, former member of BNK48” in a Real Review style. If you’re ready, let’s go see it together. Normally, when you arrive at the hospital, you will consult directly with an expert Korean doctor.To receive a diagnosis on which areas we are suitable for surgery without having to worry about communication.Because STM …

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End of Nose Surgery

A beautiful nose line is completed at the nose tip INIQUE performs correction of the nose tip by considering the overall balance with the face. “Did you get the nose done at the same place?” Same nose tip design ก็ไม่ทำให้หน้าทุกคนเหมือนกัน is pointless. 01 If the nose tip is not too blunt If the nose tip is low but not too blunt. Method for gathering and tying the gapped alar cartilage 02 If the nose tip must be elongated If tying the alar cartilage is not enough, implant appropriate materials suitable for patients such as the autologous cartilage and dermis into the nose tip. 03 If the nose tip must be supported firmly Support the nose tip with the nasal septal cartilage, etc. for strong support and additionally place the cartilage to elongate the tip. INIQUE broadens the range of choice of materials to create a natural line. Ear cartilage Excellent …

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Bulbous Tip Reduction

Alar reduction surgery at Einique Hospital creates a beautiful nose in proportion to the face. Bulbous Tip Reduction Changes the Facial Impression if the bulbous tip is too big compared to the nose, bulbous tip reduction is a solution for completing a balanced nose in harmony with the face Who is suitable for reducing the size of the nostrils 3D CT inspection for accurate analysis of the bone structure Special technique of nose surgery Natural-looking, beautiful 01 Minimizing side effects with autologous tissues and safe materials approved by the FDA 02 Comprehensively considering the anatomical structure and functional aspects of the nose 03 Tailored design in harmony with the overall face Ainique Hospital, we consider safety as the first priority and plan surgery to suit each person’s nose shape. in order to get a natural nose shape Special bulbous tip reduction for completing an ideal ratio solution 01 What is …

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Alar reduction surgery

Change from a flat page It’s a page that looks dimensional. Just scooping the wings of the nose can look better. Alar reduction surgery change the nose Flat face to look more dimensional! The wide nose wings make the face look big and hard. A well-fitted nose will make the face look three-dimensional and look younger. Who is suitable for blepharoplasty? 01 People with wide nose, large nostrils 02 People with wide noses make the nose look flat 03 People with a bridge of the nose but the tip of the nose falls 04 People who have wide and thick nose wings doesn’t look right on the face Nose Blepharoplasty for beautiful slender nose wings look natural Without seeing the scars!! Nose alar reduction surgery method 01 Nose alar incision technique Remove fat and thick nostrils Make an incision by looking at the line between the cheeks and the wings …

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Why do you need rhinoplasty surgery?

TOP 5 The main reason for rhinoplasty surgery Case 01 drooping nose tip When the nasal tip cartilage is low and weak Can connect the nasal leg bone to strengthen the tip of the nose Case 02 dissatisfied with nose shape After the first nose job High nose bridge and nose tip If you are not satisfied with the nose shape, you can change the nose shape by sticking to the facial proportions. Case 03 tilted nose In case the silicone is very tilted to either side. The silicone area collides with the nasal bone. can be modified to fit together Case 04 Thick nose/Hump nose In the case of a prickly nose nose hump but still not effective Can edit more Case 05 the tip of the nose is raised When the tip of the nose is short or raised, the skin, cartilage, and other tissues It can be …

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Nose augmentation without silicone.

Beautifully raised nose naturally without using silicone. A beautiful nose that really suits our face. It doesn’t have to be just one thin POINT of nose surgery POINT 1: Accurately identify the type of nose! Before having nose surgery, you need to understand deeply about your body shape. own nose shape to find the right shape POINT 2: For naturalness Are all noses the same? no! Must be designed to fit the shape of each person’s face. to make the perfect nose shape POINT 3: BEAUTIFUL AND EFFECTIVE Nasal congestion, deformed nasal cartilage, etc. These causes of various problems can be solved along with beauty at the same time. POINT 4: Masterful Treatment Consult and perform surgery by a specialist doctor with long experience to make the nose look beautiful. Rhinoplasty without silicone will use their own cartilage instead of silicone, which will have both special effects Pros and cons …

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Pretty and perfect like a bogey lion. voice actor princess ariel

Everyone can be the princess they dream of 🧜‍♀ Bowky Pitchsinee or Bogie Pitchsinee, the singer who owns the hit songs Draw, Laungjai, etc. Or what everyone now calls Princess #Ariel of Thailand With a new role as the voice of Princess Ariel in the movie Disney’s The Little Mermaid #Little Mermaid Adventures Today, we invite you to look back at the beauty path of Bowky Lion, together. Bowky Lion, chose to have surgery to increase her confidence in Korea. with Banobagi Hospital ✈️ 🧡 Surgery list 🧡 Ms. Bogie is concerned about her blunt chin. and used to inject fillers on the chin protruding zygomatic bone and want the nose to look smaller Sang Dang is more prominent. smaller nose tip picture before surgery Picture after 6 months of surgery At that time, Bowky Lion, said himself that “Now it’s been 6 months since the facelift. and correcting the …

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