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Although we may have two distinct layers of vision, it doesn't necessarily mean we have beautiful and charming eyes with multiple components that are essential for beautiful and attractive eyes. From the large, clear, 90% visible black pupil to the natural composition of the eyelid and eye layers, every component should harmonize perfectly.

1. Stitching technique

The stitching surgical technique is suitable for those with thin eyelid skin or little fat in the eyelids

The looseness of thin eyelid skin, including uneven layers, is generally more suitable for those with younger age

The advantages of eyelid surgery : using the stitching technique: minimal swelling and a small surgical incision, which makes the recovery time faster

2. Spot squeezing technique

Performing eyelid surgery using the spot squeezing technique combines the benefits of the stitching technique and the spot squeezing technique. In Korean eyelid surgery, this method is commonly used.

It is possible to remove fat around the eyelids during surgery, which is suitable for individuals with thick eyelids and excessive fat in the eyelid layers.Or for those who have undergone eyelid surgery using the stitch method but are still dissatisfied with the results.

The advantages of eyelid surgery using the partial incision method are: : The advantage of the spot incision method for eye surgery is that the incision is small, making it suitable for those who want to maintain a natural-looking eyelid.The small and smooth incision helps to facilitate a faster recovery.

The new stitching technique can help address the problem of eyelid ptosis that occurred in the past. In Korean eyelid surgery with the stitching technique, this problem can be corrected by carefully selecting the placement and tension of the stitches.

The technique of combining the layers of the eye and the eye muscles without surgery can create a natural-looking two-layered eye with only a small dot-like incision.

Eye surgery, the flap technique.


1. Make an incision along the pre-designed line of the eyelid.


2. Trim excess sagging skin.


3. Remove excess fat by cutting it out


4. Create a new eyelid layer and close the incision

The eyelid surgery by the method of incision creates two eyelid folds that are suitable for people with excess fat in their eyelids, thick and loose eyelids, narrow eyelids with excess fat, and those with muscle problems. It is also suitable for those who are not satisfied with the results of their previous surgeries.

surgery by the incision method are:

The benefits of eyelid surgery using the incision method include clear and defined eyelids without the risk of eyelids drooping. The incision method can also adjust the size of the eyelids to be smaller or larger depending on the case. After the surgery, the incision wound will fade away on its own over time until it is hardly visible.

Inner and outer eyelid surgery

Asian people have a special type of eyes that are narrow in the corners of the eyes, also known as the Mongolian eye.
Opening the inner corners of the eyes and opening the outer corners of the eyes, therefore, makes the eyes look bigger and longer by doing eye surgery in Korea.
We will focus on opening the eyelids at 2 points, which will make the eyelids look bigger than opening the eyelids at only one point


1. Pull the inner corner of the eye to draw the distance line and wound line.


2. Place the platform and operate along the drawn line with our unique method.


3. Cut out enough skin that covers the inner corner of the eye. we will be careful to not cut off the eye muscle or fat tissues.


4. Then we neatly sew the wound to close the eyes to be beautiful.

Spreading fat under eyes

Spreading the fat under the eyes or aligning the fat under the eyes It fixes the fat bags under the eyes to be evenly smooth. If there is too much fat under the eyes, fat must be removed. Conversely, if there is too little fat under the eyes, fat must be added. to make the area under the eyes look fuller

Suitable for those who have deep under-eye problems. have dark circles under the eyes There is sagging under the eyes Including people who have problems under the eye.


1. Make a small incision through the conjunctiva of the lower eyelid.


2. Trim off excess fat as needed.


3. Sutures to strengthen the orbital septum so that the fat does not come off


4. เAdd fat in the eye slit


EYE Surgery


Surgery time 30 minutes to 1 hour

Step 2

Placement of sleeping pills in combination with local anesthesia

Step 3

Suture cutting period 7 days

Step 4

Recovery period 3 - 6 months


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