Nose Surgery

The nose proportions that Korean cosmetic surgery experts
and Korean surgeons agree to be the most beautiful and perfect include:

  • Length

    : about 1/3 of the face

  • Starting Point

    : Start from between the eyebrows and under the eyebrows.

  • Side

    : must have a shape that gently rises and descends to the tip of the nose.

  • Angle

    : at about 100 -105 degrees or slightly different

  • Nose bridge

    : If looking at the front angle, the bridge of the nose must come out straight.

  • Alar Alar

    : narrower than the width of the mouth If you draw a line from your eyes both sides descend vertically the size of the nose must not exceed that

    * For women, the ratio should be 1:1:0.8~0.9, and for men it will be 1:1:1.

Are you a suitable candidate for nose surgery?

Korean rhinoplasty focuses on surgery to come out suitable for the original structure of each person's nose. which must take into account the width of the nose bridge

,The condition of the nose, the curvature of the forehead and must not cause obvious scars after surgery. The same applies to rhinoplasty for those who have postoperative problems. whether caused by inflammation. Surgery mistakes include dissatisfaction with the nose shape. The safety of the nose surgery is what we make a priority.

Types of materials used in nose augmentation ?



It is the most popular implant material. Because it does not cause deformed changes in the nose and blends with the skin. But not suitable for people with thin nose skin.



: Suitable for people with thin skin. It is softer and more natural than a silicone stick. Because Gore-Tex material has small pores, size 10-30 microns.

porous like a sponge The tissues of the body are therefore able to pass through that small hole, giving the nose a very natural look. But for a long time, the growing tissue Through that hole, the height of the nose can also be reduced. Unlike silicone augmentation, the tissue cannot pass through the material.

but is surrounded by tissues



It is an artificial material that combines the advantages of silicone and cortex. Over time, the shape of the material hardly changed

Can adjust the shape to be the way you want. Suitable for people whose nose skin thickness is from medium to thick nose skin and male nose.

Materials used in nose tip augmentation ?

# own cartilage


cartilage behind the ear


cartilage inside the nose


rib cartilage

The cartilage that can be used to augment the tip of the nose is behind the ear, cartilage inside the nose and cartilage from the ribs
It is augmentation of the tip of the nose to look more dimensional. In the case of those who have thin nose tip skin If using the anterior cartilage, it can help with the protrusion of the bone.

How to do surgery ?


surgical method Open nose surgery (Open Technique)

It is a nose augmentation technique that is very popular in Korea and is becoming more popular in Thailand as well as in the cosmetic surgery circles around the world. Because open rhinoplasty can perform rhinoplasty and align the bones inside the nose. and can get rid of the fat around the nose at once It is a solution to the problem within the nose that can be done in one step.

Advantages of open rhinoplasty :

This method of rhinoplasty can complete the interior at once. Especially in the case of a deformed nose, distorted nose, falcon nose, or a case of rhinoplasty surgery that has been done wrongly This method is more suitable than the incision inside the nasal cavity.

* Because it is a surgery that opens the front of the nose, the scar in the beginning may be clearer But over time, the scars will gradually fade away until its almost invisible.


surgical method Closed Technique Nose Surgery

This method is a common rhinoplasty surgery that is popular in Thailand and in ASEAN countries. The incision from the surgery will be hidden inside the nostril on one side or maybe on both sides It is a nose augmentation by making an opening in the inner area and inserting silicone. Add height from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose. The silicone is located above the cartilage and below the bone membrane in the hard bone.

Closed rhinoplasty advantages:

Since it is an inward opening surgery, there is no scar left and there is less swelling after surgery. And it doesn't take long to recuperate and you can return to normal daily life.

**Results may vary from person to person**

Nose surgery?


Surgery time 30 minutes to 1 hour

Step 2

Placement of sleeping pills in combination with local anesthesia

Step 3

Suture cutting period 7 days

Step 4

Recovery period 3 - 6 months


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