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Breast Reduction Surgery

Balanced ratio and beautiful breast shape Breast Reduction Surgery for Balance with the Body We reduce large breast tissue to create toned and beautiful breasts. What are large breasts? Breasts are considered as large if one breast weighs over 400 cc. The distance between the upper breast and the lower breast is also used to diagnose large breasts. Breast Reduction Surgery Method Incise the areola in a circle for reduction. Incise 4-5 cm of the lower areola vertically for reduction. Incise the areola and the line under the breast for reduction. Suck fact cells to reduce the volume of the breast. Meticulous and Safe Surgery Process Sterilized Surgery Environment Air purifiers and air sterilizers are installed in all operating rooms to prevent fine dust and block the possibility of infection through the air. FULL-HD Endoscopy We directly check the site for dissection through Full HD endoscopy. Minimizes bleeding to prevent …

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fat injection for baby face

to make the face look naturally voluminous The face frame looks more alive! Facial fat injection? It is different from the general use of thick cannula fat for injection. Nano Fat Grafting is the use of Nano Cannula. That is very thin in nano fat cells of a size that is smaller than normal fat seeds. and injecting this fat Due to the small size of the fat kernels, it can be filled in each layer thoroughly. It is therefore a characteristic of making the adhesion rate more likely. not only in the correction of replenishment and can also be injected to suit each individual face shape increase skin firmness make you look younger Create a charming face Fat Grafting Point 1 in fat injection use nano cannula The syringe is thin! Fat Grafting Point 2 Spray the prescribed amount thoroughly in each layer. What are the advantages of nano …

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Get rid of fat under the chin Buccal fat

Hidden facial fat that makes the face look bigger The fat on the face is rarely reduced, no matter how much you diet or fast. And what makes the face look larger than normal is the fat under the chin and the fat on the cheeks. Naturally removing fat without harming the facial frame is important. Cases necessary to remove fat under the chin 01 Case where the face looks large because of fat under the double chin 02 Cases where the line between the face and jaw is not clear. 03 The chin case is double-layered. 04Cases with sagging skin after facial contouring surgery Cases necessary for cheek fat removal 01 Too much cheek space 02 The area has a raised area like a piece of candy on the cheek. 03 Cases where the cheek surface is convex and looks saggy. 04 Cases where you often accidentally bite the …

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REAL STORY Fang XIao Yi Hello I am Fang Xiao Li Currently, I work as a model and have a regular job. Since I have become more beautiful, I have received more modeling jobs of various types. Well, let’s get right into it. Before, my face had really big cheekbones. My face was sort of triangular-shaped. I guess you could say it looked like a rectangle, haha! “Um, let me show you an old picture of myself with a big nose. I’m a bit shy and embarrassed, but here it is. Haha, it’s so funny. The above is what everyone has just seen, which is the picture before Siew Li underwent facial surgery. At first, Xiao Li was thinking for a long time whether to write a review of this surgery or not. Because Xiao Li felt a bit embarrassed and awkward about her appearance before the surgery. First of …

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