Breast surgery.

Breast augmentation is considered a confidence and self-image booster for many women, whether in Korea or Thailand. Beautiful breasts should have a natural curve that is proportionate and not too round or firm. The ideal proportion for attractive breasts is a 45:55 ratio.

The shape of breast augmentation materials.

Round silicone implant.

Suitable for those with small breasts.
Small breast tissue.

Teardrop-shaped silicone implant.

Suitable for those who already have breasts.
Not suitable for those with sagging breasts.

Types of materials used in breast augmentation surgery.

There are currently many brands of silicone breast implants available.
Each brand has developed silicone implants to be as natural and soft as possible, closely resembling real breasts.


Popular materials.

In breast augmentation surgery at various hospitals in Korea.


Cohesive Gel

  • The popular materials used in breast augmentation surgery in both Thailand and Korea are those with a semi-solid consistency, which provide a high density and firmness.
  • Reduce the problem of gel leakage.
  • This includes preventing the problem of gel leakage inside, as well as preventing the silicone bag from becoming too thick and compressed, making it unable to move back and forth. The external surface comes in two types: smooth and textured.


  • The newest material that has been recently developed and is becoming popular in breast augmentation surgery in Korea is Motiva. It is produced to support and blend with the body regardless of shape, weight, and natural movement more naturally than other synthetic materials.
  • The material of this type of silicone is a gel produced by the ergonomic method, which makes the silicone material have... (the sentence is incomplete, please provide the complete sentence)
  • This material has high flexibility that adapts to the body's movements, and the shape of the material is a combination.
  • Between round and teardrop shapes, the shape can be changed as if it were real when touched.
  • It looks natural and feels like real breasts, with a nano-textured surface.
  • The soft and smooth skin-like texture can better prevent excessive hardening and squeezing of the silicone bag.
  • Reduce the problem of visible waves or edges of the silicone even when the skin is thin, and have a soft and smooth touch.
  • Without the need for massage.

At present, doctors often recommend using MOTIVA silicone for breast augmentation surgery because it is softer and has a smoother, more detailed surface than previous implant materials.

Breast augmentation surgery Solution

The breast augmentation technique commonly used in Korea involves placing silicone implants between the chest muscles and breast tissue. This method allows for preservation of the original breast shape and allows for placement of the incision line under the breast, resulting in a faster recovery time and a beautiful breast shape.


Placing material
On the muscle

as a surgical method
which suitable surgery for individuals with a certain body shape
not too skinny and have a tendency towards
that may result in sagging breasts


The placement of the material is under the chest muscle.

an appropriate surgical method
Suitable method for Asians with small breast tissue.
Along with preventing rippling and having good skin texture


Place it in the middle, between the pectoral muscles

This is a surgical technique that can address sagging breasts and increase breast size at the same time, while maintaining a natural feel.

Surgical incision location

Regarding the incision from breast augmentation surgery, the doctor will assess the patient's anatomy beforehand to plan for the best possible surgical outcome.

During the surgery, a Full HD camera is used, along with Korean techniques and the expertise of the surgeon, to ensure the best possible results. As a result, the surgical incision is small and fades away over time until it is barely visible.


Make a small incision along the stretch marks, about 3-4 cm in length.

suits for
Do not want the surgical scar to be visible


Make a small incision under the breast crease, around 3-4 cm in length.

no suitable for
those who has small breasts


Make a small incision in the area underneath the nipple skin.

suits for
It has a nipple size of about 3.5 cm.

Breast augmentation surgery.

Surgical duration.

1 Hour

Medication administration.


Surgical duration.

10 - 12 days

Recovery period.

3 - 6 Months


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