Free Motiva breast augmentation, angel skin injection

Hospital :

โปรโมชั่นไอดีเดือน7 (2)

This July, let’s meet with a great promotion with a free hotel for 7 nights and more than 7 free gifts!

Only in the surgery consultation event, 1-2 July, 2 days only!!

Meet Dr. Kim Ji Hwan, a famous surgeon trusted by Korean celebrities. Consult directly from Korea!!

✨ Breast augmentation, beautiful, soft, virtual.
🎁 #Breast augmentation, MOTIVA silicone, special price 17 million won

Free angel skin injection course worth 1.7 million won

🔥 Free hotel for 7 nights
🔥 More than 7 services

Before - After

Hospital Details

Dr.Kim Ji Hwan


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