Consultation Day on 27-28 May

Hospital :


Superb Promotion, the best value price, exclusively available during the surgical consultation event on May 27-28.

Discover special discounts and extraordinary freebies exclusively designed for event attendees only.

Consultation for individualized Korean-style surgery, one-on-one. Limited slots available.

Dr. Lee Ji Hyuk, a renowned doctor featured on the LETMEIN program.

  • Facial Surgery 3+3 Free Skin Face liposuction
  • Full Rhinoplasty with 40% discount for the first surgery, including double eyelid creation and muscle adjustment.
  • Special discount of 500,000 won for forehead contouring (endotine) procedure.
  • 10% discount on all double eyelid and lifting surgeries, with an additional discount of 2 procedures.

Additional 20% discount on selected procedures: Facial Fat Injection for Youthful Look, Facial Slimming with Fat Removal, Stem Cell Treatment, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), Rejuvenation, or Exosome Therapy (Choose one procedure).

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