Stemcell injections on the face

Hospital :

โปรโมชั่น โรงพยาบาลบาโนบากิ

🎄 Merry X’mas 🎅🏻
Banobagi has a huge year-end sale of up to 50%.
*For December consulting customers only*

PRO 1 | 3-point facial structure. Get a discount immediately. Adjust the chin bone by 50%!!
PRO 2 | Rhinoplasty Open: Receive immediately a 50% discount on your own rib augmentation!!
PRO 3 |Fat injections all over the face for free!! PRP
PRO 4 | Facial Stemcell injections for youthful skin, 20% off!! (When purchasing 2 courses)
PRO 5 | Motiva breast augmentation, one price: 14 million won!!
*Conditions for surgery within February 2024 only*

🎁 Special privileges only for this month!!!🎁strong,
– discount on airline tickets
– hotel
– HBO oxygen / light therapy to reduce swelling and bruising
– Vitamin injection for clear skin
– Botox 1 point
*Conditions as specified by the hospital*

🦌Consulting work details🦌 strong,
Date: 16-17 December 2023
Cost: Free!!!
*Accepting only customers who have reserved an appointment in advance*

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