Orgasm shot injects highly concentrated platelets PRP

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Orgasm shot เพิ่มความรู้สึกทางเพศด้วยการฉีดเกล็ดเลือดเข้มข้นสูง PRP
Increase sexual sensation with PRP high-intensity platelet injection
O-Shot is PRP injection into the G-Spot. Platelets injected into the G-spot will help stimulate blood circulation. and regenerate new cells To increase sexual sensation and help you feel orgasm.

increase sexual sensation Blood circulation at the G-Spot instead of vaginal fitting. Growth Factor will help restore new cells. to strengthen the flexibility of the vagina Solve dry vaginal problems. Growth Factor will help stimulate collagen. To solve the problem of vaginal dryness
Who is O-Shot suitable for? Those who do not reach orgasm during sex Want to stimulate sexual feelings at the G-Spot, want to systematically take care of the health of the vagina. Those whose vagina is so dry that it hurts during intercourse Those who want to take care of vaginal health along with increase in sexual sensation

Orgasm shot increases sexual sensation by injecting highly concentrated platelets PRP

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Dr. Kim Kwan Soo


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