Lee Na Eun

Patients : Lee Na Eu n

Surgeons : Dr. Lee Joo-hyung, Dr. Yoo Won-min

Surgical Area

– Nasal corrective surgery

– Facial Lifting Surgery

The hospital assists in analyzing the defects of the results from the first surgery in detail and performs the surgery that suits each patient well.

The M’s tightening surgery uses a minimally invasive surgical technique, as well as excellent suturing skills. You don’t have to worry about the wound at all.

Before-and-after photos of surgery

1 Day After Surgery

7 days after Surgery

14 days after surgery

1 Month After Surgery

2 Months after Surgery

3 months after surgery ——————–> 4 months after surgery

* The result varies from person to person.

Nose correction surgery Facelift surgery

Feature image : The M Hospital

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